Govt. to proceed with 'death squad' inquiry
Guyana Chronicle
June 19, 2004

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GOVERNMENT is committed to proceeding with the Commission of Inquiry into allegations about Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj's involvement in a so-called death squad.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS), Dr. Roger Luncheon, reiterated the administration's position at his weekly news conference yesterday, in response to the widely media reportage of a retraction by George Bacchus of the allegations he made against Minister Gajraj.

The commitment by the administration to proceed with the inquiry "remains un-amended," Dr. Luncheon said.

He said it has been recognized that other issues need to be investigated but it has been decided to proceed with investigations into the allegations against the minister.

It is envisaged that the inquiry would be used as a model for investigating other aspects of criminal activity.

Following the shooting to death of his brother, Shafeek Bacchus, George Bacchus alleged that the death of his brother was the work of a death squad with which Minister Gajraj was involved.

However, PPP/Civic Member of Parliament Shirley Edwards recently said Bacchus told her he made the allegations against the minister out of anger because he did not act promptly on information concerning the death of Shafeek.