Bacchus murder case PI continues without hoax interruptions
Guyana Chronicle
June 10, 2004

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THE preliminary inquiry (PI) into the murder charge against the men accused of killing cattle farmer Shafeek Bacchus continued yesterday without the hoax bomb scare interruptions of the two previous occasions.

Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen took depositions from Detective Corporal Cedric Gravesande and Detective Constable Herbert Henry before she adjourned the pre-trial proceedings to Wednesday, June 16.

Both deponents, attached to the Criminal Investigations Department of East La Penitence Police Station, were cross-examined by Defence Counsel Compton Richardson and Vic Puran, representing co-accused Shawn Hinds and Ashton King, respectively.

Ex-policeman Hinds and King, part owner of A&D Funeral Parlour, also in Georgetown, are jointly accused of the January 5 unlawful killing of Bacchus, who was gunned down outside his Princes Street home, in the city, too.

Mark Thomas alias ‘Kerzorkee’, former Manager of Auby’s Wine Bar in another part of the capital, was implicated in the crime, as well, but he died under mysterious circumstances at Georgetown Public Hospital before the allegation was put to him in Court.