Honoured Commissioner urges more police-community collaboration
Guyana Chronicle
May 31, 2004

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COMMISSIONER of Police, Winston Felix has issued a call for the maintenance of the community spirit and greater collaboration between the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in the effort to have a safer and secure society.

The Commissioner made this appeal yesterday during a ceremony at GUYHOC Park -- his resident community, in honour of his elevation to the Office of Commissioner.

Stressing the need to work together within communities, he exhorted residents to “share joys and sorrows and to support each other.”

Observing that the community spirit is not normally evident in the city, Felix said he felt the atmosphere in Guyhoc Park gives him a sense of “village spirit, and derives great satisfaction in being recognised by the residents in his promotion to the high office.

The Commissioner acknowledging the gruelling demands of the job, said it is one that “you have to like” because it has no “rest.” However, the satisfaction he derives by the appreciation shown by people and the community when he does something good for them gives him the strength to continue on the job.

Acknowledging that one of the deficiencies of the GPF is the negative attitude of some police ranks, promising that one of the tasks is to deal with that culture, but noted that changing people’s attitude will not happen overnight, thus will take time.

Recalling his words “Hold me accountable” on taking his Oath of Office Felix reiterated that as Commissioner he has to take responsibility-good or bad for what transpires within the GPF.

Attorney-at-law Joseph Harmon observed that Felix even though elevated to such high office has never lost the common touch or sense of feel for his community, exhorting that the society at this present stage needs a person of such calibre.

Briefly tracing the career of the Commissioner, Harmon offered that members of the GPF would find comfort in the fact that Felix served throughout the ranks and in every department of the GPF, noting the thorough training he received from internationally reputed police institutions as the FBI and Scotland Yard and many others.

Winston Gordon Felix who was born on October 15, 1951 joined the GPF in 1970 and was appointed to the Office of Commissioner earlier this year. (Chamanlall Naipaul)