Commission Chairman still on the job
Guyana Chronicle
May 22, 2004

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THE head of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into death squad allegations against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj is still on the job.

Court of Appeal Justice Ian Chung was appointed Chairman of the three-member Commission of Inquiry a week ago, the other members being retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Norman Mc Lean and retired Deputy Commissioner of Police Ivan Crandon.

When he announced the setting up of the Commission on Friday, May 14,President Bharrat Jagdeo said the Commission has been given full and uninhibited authority to conduct its investigation in an independent and transparent manner and that the Chairman will determine when it is ready to begin its work.

But in a news story Thursday evening, Prime News reported that it understood Mr. Chang was stepping down.

"Nothing of the sort," a source said yesterday. "As far as we know, Justice Chang and the other Members of the Commission are still very much on the job."

"These are men of distinction and unquestionable repute who are known not to be intimidated by media reports and/or political mud slinging," the source added.