On President Jagdeo's formation of the Presidential Commission Here is what they are saying:

Guyana Chronicle
May 20, 2004

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On May 14, President Bharrat Jagdeo announced that he had appointed a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into allegations about Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj's knowledge of the operations of a "death squad."

GINA's cameras took to the streets and asked members of the public to express their views on Government's positive move to bring an end to the death squad issue, by setting up such a Commission.

The Commission comprises Chairman, Justice of Appeal Ian Chang, Major General (re't) Norman Mc.Lean and Mr Ivan Crandon, former Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chairman of the Police Service Commission.

Here is what they had to say:

Kelvin Mc.Kenzie: It was a good move by President Jagdeo to set up a Commission of Inquiry. In the Army I know there is a B.O.Y and then they hand you over to the civil authority. It must be done at that level first. Therefore, the formation of the Commission is the stepping-stone and it was a positive step by the President.

Sharon Gonsalves: I think it was good idea because at least there would be an investigation to find out what is really going on with the allegations made about the Home Affairs Minister. Everybody wants to know!

Toby O'Brian: It think it is an initial step by the President Jagdeo, but a great deal has to be done and it has to be broad-based and it has to have some depth.

Thomas Chung: I think the move is long overdue, but I must admit the President did the right thing in setting up the Commission. At least we will be satisfied that something is being done.

Michelle Hazard: With the Commission established Minister Gajraj will have a fair hearing and I think he will be given one. I think it was a good move by the Government but I think they should have involved overseas organisations. Guyanese would accept the results easier.

Kennick Seeraj: I think it was a good thing the Government did by setting up the Commission, because people are accusing Minister Gajraj of being involved in criminal activities and the Opposition is also accusing them. So I think it was a good gesture by President Jagdeo.

Kemraj Persaud: Something will come out when the Commission completes its investigation and it is Government's responsibility to find the truth, so I think it was a good move for the President to set up the Commission.

The Commission, appointed by the Honourable President, in accordance with the provisions of the Commissions of Inquiry Act, Chapter 19:03 is to examine, advise and report on the following:

Whether and to what extent there is evidence of a credible nature to support the allegations that the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Ronald Gajraj, has been involved in promoting, directing or otherwise engaging in activities which have involved the extra-judicial killing of persons.