Judiciary begins move to remove case backlog
-- approximately 4,000 targeted
Guyana Chronicle
May 11, 2004

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A MOVE is afoot to get rid of the backlog of cases in the High Courts and in the Magistracy.

Chief Justice Carl Singh confirmed this yesterday.

He said judges are doing additional work, meeting Monday to Thursday of each week from 3 to 5 p.m., in order to achieve the desired objective.

"We have already identified that 50 per cent of the cases in the backlog consists of matters that have been abandoned. These weekly exercises are aimed at eliminating those cases from the backlog," he said.

Approximately 4, 000 cases are to be eliminated by this process.

When asked whether there was a plan afoot to get more judges in order to make the backlog task less difficult, the Chief Justice said that the Judicial Service Commission had been moving towards the appointment of judges.