SOCA golf wonder for Barbados Open
Guyana Chronicle
April 12, 2004

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TEENAGE golf wonder Christine Sukhram is scheduled to play in the Pepsi Open in Barbados next week, and SOCA will be assisting with her sponsorship to attend the game, and for her to be accompanied by her dad.

That's after Guyana Distillers Limited SOCA Soft Drinks agreed last week to sponsor her.

According to DDL, the sponsorship package is part of a new programme - SOCA Star Reach - aimed at identifying and supporting young talented Guyanese who have the potential to be stars in their area.

Over the next few years, SOCA Soft Drinks will support a limited number of such Guyanese, and will make direct contributions to their continued growth and success.

Giving an insight into the sponsorship programme, Marketing Manager Antonius Raghuansie said, "SOCA Soft Drinks celebrates who we are as Guyanese: Our heritage, our culture, our desire to succeed, and our hopes and dreams. These attributes and talents must be nurtured in our young people and where we see a demonstration of dedication, discipline and determination SOCA will endeavour to provide support."

Christine Sukhram, the first SOCA Star, is 15 years' old. Christine has proven to be a highly dedicated and motivated golfer who spends practically all of her spare time training. Trained by her proud father, she has maintained a consistent record of wins in all of the competitions in which she has participated over the past three years. Among the competitions she has won are the KFC tournament in 2001, Le Meridien and Mazaruni Granite tournaments in 2002 and the "Best Ladies" competition in 2003.

Christine is currently competing for the under-13 handicap and is determined to take her local success to the international courses. She had her first outing to Trinidad last month. She placed first at one tournament and second at another.