A political earthquake Guest Editorial

Guyana Chronicle
April 12, 2004

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HISTORY was made in St. Kitts on Thursday last when Isis, the daughter of the first Premier of St. Kitts, Robert L. Bradshaw, bedecked in her yellow shirt, mounted the PAM platform in St. Pauls and introduced the Political Leader of PAM as the next Prime Minister of St. Kitts.

Well, as Paul Keans Douglas would say, "Who tell her to say dat?" The fallout was immediate and ferocious. Reportedly a call came in from London or Singapore, wherever the Prime Minister was, denouncing her action. And Labour proceeded to do what they do best - Condemn people who chose to think differently!

Earle Clarke, the one who like a stuck record, week after week, tells nationals look on the positive side of things, could find nothing positive about this act and regarded it as "shameful". Other Labour supporters, through the radio and internet expressed the fact that she had disgraced her father.

It is interesting to note that no one was really surprised that Isis had rejected the Labour Party considering the treatment they had meted out to her mother and herself since her father died. It was only at the last minute they were invited to the unveiling of his bust at the airport and they have shown scant regard for them even though they use the name of Robert Bradshaw whenever it suits them. What they did not expect was that she would show such independent thinking and courage to mount PAM's platform in St. Pauls of all places.

It seems that Minister Astaphan conveniently forgot that his father ran against Bradshaw and the Labour Party in times past. He would regard himself as an individual thinker but no such compliment must be paid to Isis. Nor did Earle Clarke, the self-proclaimed 'positive thinker' attribute this 'freedom of expression' as something enshrined in the lady's human rights.

Godson of Robert Bradshaw, Prime Minister Douglas, who no doubt thinks that St. Pauls was left in Bradshaw's will for him, must be scratching his head feverishly and trying to fathom whether Bradshaw's godson or his daughter will hold more sway with the good folk of St. Pauls.

The reverberation of this political earthquake was felt among `Kittitians’ all over the world and it remains to be seen how Labour will counteract this. Will they make strenuous efforts to win her back to the fold or will they mount a campaign to condemn and disgrace her? Of course it would be too much to hope that this will be a wake up call for them and that they will look within themselves and ask why so many people are turning their backs on them. They will probably deduce that the level of bribery in St. Pauls must go a notch higher.

Isis must be congratulated for her courage and independent thinking! More power to her! (Reprinted courtesy of St. Kitts/Nevis Democrat)