Serious flaws in our legal and social structures

Stabroek News

June 7, 2004

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Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to add my two cents worth on the allegations against Mr Reeaz Khan. I feel all decent- minded people should speak out and denounce him, particularly menfolk since the situation has exposed serious flaws in our legal and social structures, seemingly indicating pro-masculine biases.

It is more than the cheating of a child of her innocence and virtue. Her childhood was also taken, the pride of her hard-working mother shattered, and the Guyanese culture, (Islamic) religious and social norms given a bad name. So also businessmen and a great many other institutions.

There is the Elizabeth Smart Syndrome to take into consideration. Sex at an early age (especially with a very mature and manipulative individual - male or female) triggers off chemical changes in the body, changes that affect the personality, behaviour and rationality of the individual, causing the victim to bond with the perpetrator. There have been several such documented cases in history.

Yours faithfully,

Gokarran Sukhdeo