Sexual immorality is condemned in Islam

Stabroek News

June 5, 2004

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Dear Editor,

The recent media furore over the alleged abduction of a minor girl and the callous behaviour of a known Muslim has left much to be desired and a terrible nausea in the hearts of the religious.

Regardless of who the person is, all attempts to behave immorally from a sexual point of view are totally condemned in Islam with strict penalties ranging from one hundred lashes for fornication to stoning to death for adultery. Deception and kidnapping are treated as serious crimes and the Shari'a has stipulated in the past severe labour and ostracism in such cases.

The world reels daily from women being abused, and worse, by those who are close and trusted.

It is for us together to stand not only to indict but to pray and educate the world on the rights of women, rather than on the virtue of being faithful and moral, otherwise the scenario of a perished nation awaits us.

Finally, the Prophet of Islam advised that persons should refrain from placing blame until the evidence rules that they are deserving of it. However, those under the camera could and should be removed from the offices of Islam, as anyone found to be of ill repute affects the image and integrity of the religion of Muhammad. When Umar bin Abdel Aziz took office from the tyrant Hajjaj he did not retain a single former minister in office. He said that to be associated with such an immoral man was enough not to allow their reinstatement.

We pray Allah, God Almighty, saves this nation from the errant trustees of virtue.

Yours faithfully,

M I Habeeb