The age of consent should be changed to sixteen forthwith

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May 27, 2004

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Dear Editor,

It was with deep sadness and total disgust that I read of an adult - and more so a grown man- who had the temerity to abduct and sexually engage a thirteen year old minor. How much sicker can we get? If according to our laws this is not a crime (it is a heinous crime in the civilized world), then I say without fear of contradiction that the law is an ass.

It is this kind of lawlessness and backwardness which our leaders have failed to address that is causing thousands to flee the land of their birth in search of a decent life. We need to change the age of consent immediately to sixteen. Our lawmakers can use their ingenuity to draft laws to accommodate marriages according to Hindu rights, which might involve minors below the age of sixteen.

We cannot continue to expose our young impressionable minds to these wicked vultures in the adult club that are skilful at luring and enticing their prey. We must protect our children if we indeed love and care for them. We must save them from their own ignorance. And we must do so now!

If a government cannot address these ills of society then why on earth do we need one?

Yours faithfully,

Artie Ricknauth