A question for Dr Misir

Stabroek News

April 27, 2004

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Dear Editor,

After reading Dr. Prem Misir's evidence (S. N. 2004-04-21) given before the Ethnic Relations Commission on Dr. Gibson's book Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana, I am compelled to write this letter.

I have a question for Dr. Misir. Like a former Catholic Bishop of Guyana, there are many Indo-Guyanese pastors of the Christian faith, who regularly preach before congregations consisting predominantly of Afro-Guyanese. Those congregations, provided the word of God is being preached to them, are not inclined to take cognizance of the preachers' ethnicity. Now can Dr. Misir for the remainder of his cultural existence ever envisage that day when a Hindu Afro-Guyanese, can conduct a service at a Hindu temple where Indo-Guyanese go and worship? If the answer is yes, only then can Dr. Gibson's controversial book of enlightenment be seen as spreading bigotry.

Yours faithfully,

Vibert Waldron