A petition to forge child protection
Guyana Chronicle
June 1, 2004

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SOME of us are so saddened by the plight of Mrs. Hamid and her daughter, so sickened by the behaviour of the man involved and so traumatized that our Government and authorities seem helpless or unwilling to help the Hamids, that we feel the need to be heard.

Below is a petition that has been signed by a few of us and we are asking others to sign if they feel as moved as we are. The petition is currently available at Creations Craft or you can send an e-mail to beverley@webworksgy.com </ym/Compose? To=beverley@webworksgy.com> in support of same.


We, the undersigned citizens of Guyana, petition the Government of Guyana to act immediately to protect children in Guyana from sexual predators by raising the legal age of consent to 16, wording the new law so that it applies to the conduct of adults preying on children.
Beverley Harper
Denise Dias