Stop the abuse
Guyana Chronicle
May 29, 2004

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THE recent media furor over the alleged abduction of a female minor by someone said to be a Muslim has left much to be desired and a terrible nausea in the hearts of the religious.

Regardless of persona, all attempts to behave sexually immoral is totally condemnable in Islam, with strict penalties ranging from one hundred lashes for fornication to stoning to death for adultery. Deception and kidnapping are treated as serious crimes and the Sharia has administered in the past severe labour and ostracism in such cases.

Once proven by four eyewitnesses or confessed to, the guilty is indicted and while capital punishment is meticulously a grave issue, the justice of the law must be given fullest cooperation to execute its modus operandi so justice is not only meted out but seems to be.

The world reels daily from a choking diet of women being abused and worse yet abused by close and trusted ones. It is for us together to stand not only to indict but pray and educate the world on their rights rather on the virtue of being faithful and moral -- otherwise the scenario of Perished Nations awaits us.

Finally, the Prophet of Islam advises that persons should refrain from places of blame and as such until the evidence rules those under the camera could and should be removed from offices of Islam, as anyone found dubious or of ill repute affects the maintenance of the image and integrity of the religion of Muhammad. When Umar bin AbdelAziz took office from the tyrant Hajjaj he did not retain a single former Minister in office. He said to be associated with such an immoral man is enough to not allow their reinstatement.

We pray Allah, God Almighty, save this nation from errant trustees of virtues.
Yours faithfully,