Gov't had been told of McDonald visa revocation
- Luncheon
Stabroek News
April 1, 2004

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Information about the revocation of a US visa for former Commissioner of Police, Floyd McDonald had been shared with the government recently

But Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon said he was not aware of any government functionaries having their visas withdrawn.

Luncheon, speaking at his weekly press briefing, said it was a mere courtesy that caused government to be informed of the decisions of the US government. He stated that in engagements both with the Ambassador and state department officials in Washington it was maintained that the actions were a personal matter.

McDonald who succeeded Laurie Lewis as Commissioner in September 2001 demitted office in February and was replaced by Winston Felix.

"The US administration for a variety of unknown reasons has taken actions against specific members of the administration," he noted. He said that government's position on the issue remained clear in that the revocation of a visa remains a personal matter.

Luncheon said that government has not been given an explanation for the recent revocations and did not know whether any was given to the commissioner.

He saw this silence as helping to add fuel to the wild speculations by media operatives.

Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj had his US visa revoked earlier this year as word of death squad allegations surfaced.