City Council moving to tidy up Stabroek Market Square
Stabroek News
March 28, 2004

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The Georgetown municipality will shortly begin issuing notices to persons breaching by-laws in and around the Stabroek Market Square as it moves to address the shanty-town appearance in that part of the city.

A press release from the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) yesterday stated that apart from persons who have illegally constructed stalls and small shops, attention will also be directed to food and beverage vendors, wayside barbers and a number of other irregular activities.

According to the release, the decision to proceed in this direction was taken at a heads of department meeting last week.

Meanwhile, vendors located in Bourda Street east of the constabulary outpost will be relocated to other sections of Bourda Market in another two weeks. Vendors in this area, the release said, had been given notices by market authorities some time ago.

According to the release, the activities of the vendors have been interfering with the drainage in that section. In addition, it is unsafe to have vending so close to a security installation, the release added.