Abuse of women, children 'cause for serious worry' -PNCR
Stabroek News
March 26, 2004

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The continued abuse being inflicted on women and children must be a cause for serious worry, the PNCR has said.

It said the various pieces of existing legislation have done little to curb the occurrences and women continue to be maimed and killed at the hands of their partners and others.

"Children are preyed upon and abused in a manner never before experienced here," the party said during its weekly press briefing yesterday at Congress Place, Sophia.

The PNCR said the police were already grappling with other crimes and found it difficult to deal with offenders and to protect the hapless victims.

"It is time that the government recognises the value of the University of Guyana and other institutions as sources of research findings and informed recommendations," the party said in a statement. It said even with limited resources, the PNCR continues to work among families in various communities, offering solace, material support and guidance.

"We urge the government to provide encouragement and create a helpful environment for the churches and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to increase their involvement in this area, so that the incidence of domestic violence and abuse can be reduced," the party said.