Hospital workers for abuse sensitisation training
Stabroek News
March 24, 2004

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Staff at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) are to be involved in a series of seminars starting early next month to make them more aware of domestic violence, child abuse and their implications.

According to a release from the GPHC, the staff targeted are front-line clerical and administrative workers, nurses and doctors.

The hospital's human resources department, recognising the seriousness of domestic violence and child abuse and their related implications, has agreed to collaborate with Help and Shelter in mounting a series of seminars to benefit particular staff members and to impart successful intervention skills.

According to the release, victims of domestic violence and child abuse invariably visit the hospital for medical treatment. It noted that admission clerks and triage nurses are among the first staff these patients encounter while in their physical and emotional distress.

The release listed the objectives of the first series of April seminars as enabling medical staff to understand the nature of and treatment required for domestic violence, including child abuse; understanding the nature and impact of child abuse; and to discuss relevant intervention techniques and methods and the eventual fashioning of an inter-agency protocol.

It was disclosed that the first series of seminars would involve selected doctors, senior medical personnel, front-line medical staff and nurses.