The Greatest Show on Earth Wednesday Ramblings
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March 24, 2004

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Roll up roll up to the greatest show on earth!! Come into the Big Top and see with your own eyes the daring exploits of such performers as the "Electoral Death Defying Dev" and his high wire act.

Watch as he clutches a sugar cane for balance, 100 feet above the ring... Will he fall into the clutches of the snarling Bengali tiger Corbin waiting below or manage to fly out of the country at a moment's notice?

You will thrill at the trapeze artists as they jump from side to political side, the Daring Doctor Jeffrey and audacious Odinga Lumumba and Erratic Eddie Da Silva who has now has his own show.

You will laugh yourself silly at clowns too numerous to mention...

Witness Fearless Freddie being fired from a loose cannon 300-ft over the Big Top to land in another libel suit.

Be amazed at the dexterity of "Fast Hands" Kowlessar as he stands on his head and juggles two briefcases, one marked World Bank, the other IMF.

You'll be mesmerised by Master Magician "The Amazing Rekha," able to sign a blizzard of 86 remigrant letters in one month without detecting a SINGLE forged document!

You'll giggle and guffaw at the one and only "Supremo Contortionist", Dr Luncheon as he twists the English language into breathtakingly complex sentences squeezing out all meaning.

You will passionately applaud as our playful elephant 'Hinds' jumps up on the presidential pedestal for a week and then descends upon command to become Prime Minister again.

Witness the "Amazing Flying" Jagdeo and his troupe. Thrill as they jet off to another overseas conference not even bothering to return home to go on to the next one. His feet never even touch the soil.

Be mesmerised, dazzled and even doubt your own reason under the spell of master issue spinner, Robert Persaud.

Watch the playful Janet the Flipper Seal toss a court order over her shoulder as the Election Commission chairman applauds.

You will die laughing when you see the clown show with the "Prince of Laughter" CN Sharma and his sidekicks Dr Wally Ramsahoye and Sherwood Kendall. Comic mayhem and ill-informed political slapstick at its best.

Laugh like never before when the PNCR UnGovernables march around the ring for Law and Order and sigh at the sights and sounds of horses in full gallop as the PPP circles the wagons.

From the tingling in your spine, to the adrenaline in your veins, to the sparkle in the eyes of children of all ages, this upside-down show is now in its 38th year and cannot be missed, even if you want to.

Another Searing Editorial

The remigrant vehicle scam is indeed a huge embarrassment for anyone driving an SUV or other luxury vehicle. All of a sudden these persons are suspected tax dodgers and other drivers are looking at them like common criminals. Reports of them not getting any respect are coming in. Even horse cart owners are cutting them off.

But spare a thought, people, for those folks who did pay the full duties, wherever they might be.

In the meantime we should not spare our outrage at the lost revenue to the government. Imagine how many more worthwhile trips, ministers and the mayor could have taken abroad with the money.

It is indeed a sobering thought that Minister of Public Service Jennifer Westford was unable to fly to see another Guyanese boxer win a dubious world title as she had in Italy.

How many more bridges or wharves could Minister Xavier have built so they could sink. It is time these people pay up.


The Buxton Freedom Fighters Corporation will be holding an open day at the Lodge Community High school on March 28 2004.

The purpose of the event is to find 30 recruits to fill various vacancies in the organisation created over the last 18 months.

Candidates must have proven leadership abilities and have no more than 2 CXCs (Grade 4s preferred). A working knowledge of knives is recommended. Some experience in gunplay would be preferable but is not essential.

Successful applicants must be willing to work long hours under stressful conditions.

Elegant anagram

Random words that can be made from "PNCR Leader Robert Corbin"

Borderline bartender, corrodible tenderloin, deportee carpenter, cartoon crocodile, doctrinal deception, detonable bodice, indecent codpiece, plebeian derriere, rabid conceit, errant barber, parboiled leopard, linden tirade, placid boner, taboo topic, police baiter

Observation of the Week

Nohar Singh writing in yesterday's newspaper on corporal punishment:

"... the wild cane would do a dance on my buttocks......those wild cane strokes on my buttocks...'

Sounds to us like he misses it....