ROAR tells rally rule of law applies to all
Stabroek News
March 24, 2004

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Rise, Organise and Rebuild Guyana (ROAR) on Saturday said that banditry and violence against Indians were also violations of the rule of law.

ROAR made the statement during the Rule of Law rally held on Saturday at the Square of the Revolution. The PNCR, the Justice for All Party (JFAP) and the Working People's Alliance (WPA) were among the political parties and other groups in the march and rally.

Executive member of the party, Amar Panday read a statement that leader Ravi Dev prepared for the rally.

Panday said that ROAR's participation in the march is against the background of overwhelming scepticism since the party feels that ethnically-directed violence is just as bad as the other violations of the Rule of Law.

He said that ROAR accepted the invitation because "we believe that the evidence says that Guyana has reached a low point."

"All of us must either put up or shut up. We are here to rally for the Rule of Law [since] we must govern ourselves by the laws established," he said.

"We have to remove the scales from our eyes...Let's investigate the (February 2002 prison break as well as (Home Affairs Minister Ronald) Gajraj.

Let us all resolve that we must drink of the rains and eat of the crops of the rule of law," he said. He added that there was not such an outpouring of protest as there is now when the East Coast of Demerara had been hit by criminals last year and the year before.

Malcolm de Freitas of The United Force said that the most immediate task is ensuring that Home Affairs Minister Gajraj is removed from office and that all those involved are brought to justice.

Also speaking was Heston Bostwick of the Justice for Jermaine Committee who called for an inquiry into the alleged death-squad killings. He said that since the shooting to death of Jermaine Wilkinson on May 22, 1996 in Albouystown, the committee had held numerous demonstrations and put out press statements and still there has been no justice.