Cel*Star ownership fight lands in Guyana courts
Stabroek News
March 23, 2004

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Cel*Star Caribbean Inc (CSC) yesterday filed a writ in the High Court, against Wesley Kirton, TWT Guyana Inc and Cel*Star Guyana Inc.

In the writ dated yesterday, the plaintiff, CSC, is claiming among other things that it is the incorporator of Cel*Star Guyana Inc and is the legal and beneficial owner of all its shares and assets.

CSC is also claiming that Kirton had no lawful authority to convene a meeting of directors of CSG under the Companies Act 1991 or without their consent or that of Klaus Knappe, the other director of Cel*Star Guyana.

This action follows the February 20, 2004 dismissal of a lawsuit filed by Cel*Star Caribbean in a Florida USA court, which ruled it had no jurisdiction to deal with at the issue.

Work on the cellular service has been stalled since October 2003 by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company's refusal to proceed with interconnection work while litigation was outstanding.

Acting on behalf of Cel*Star Caribbean, Senior Counsel Rex McKay in association with Attorney-at-Law Fitz Peters is requesting that the court direct the registrar to remove the names of current operations director Pierre Strasser, Donald H de Laski and Greg Libertiny from the CSG record of directors.

They are further asking the court to restore the name of Knappe to its record of director and find for damages in excess of $10 million against Kirton and TWT for unlawful conspiracy with others to injure the plaintiff by unlawful means.