Anger management What the people say about...
By Iana Seales with photos by Jules Gibson
Stabroek News
March 22, 2004

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The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the psychological arousal that anger causes. This week we asked the man/woman in the street how they let anger out.

Jennifer Dazzell - nurse: `I seldom display my anger. I prefer to leave everything in God's hand. I quarrel with my children from time to time when they get me upset. With my friends, it is different, I hardly say anything but my actions betray my feelings. In time they realise that all is not well.'

Keith Spellen - barber: `My anger is expressive. I normally work myself up and make noise. When I am angry, I am loud and people know. I have never reached that point where my anger led to physical confrontation. There is always that moment when the rage is no more. I remember being angry for an entire week; that was the longest I was ever upset over an issue. But it doesn't pay to hold animosity, believe me, I know.'

Christine Singh - housewife: `I get crazy when I am angry. I just start yelling at people even my children. I would yell at my kids when they do something that ticks me off. When I can't get close to someone who has upset me, I lose it. But my disputes with friends take another course I simply tell them I am angry, no yelling.'

Julian Marks - photographer: `I don't get angry. It may sound strange but it's true. I understand life and as such, I remain calm. I can admit to being a little upset a few times in the past but never have I reached the stage of being angry.'

Onica John - student: `I do get angry but I don't get carried away and blow up over stuff. I usually sit and think things through in my moments of rage. When it comes to my parents, I remain silent and they later figure out that I am upset. My friends and I have disagreements often and I get mad but I usually let it go.'

Andrew Butts - watch repairs/salesman: `I walk away from disputes. When I go down that road, there is no need to get angry. My belief is we should turn away from rage. There is no better way to deal with a heated situation. Anger only makes things worse.'

Nalini Persaud - self-employed: I get annoyed every now and again. I don't hold back my anger in those heated moments. However, I try to tone things down with my children. With my friends I talk things over and never allow it to reach that boiling point.'

John Reid - self-employed: `Anger has stages and after you would have experienced them all you learn to deal with it. I do get angry but I escape by finding humour in the dispute. I strive to be happy so I have found an alternative of telling jokes in heated situations.'

Sonia Persaud - housewife: `I have learned how to keep my anger bottled. I seldom display anger because I usually say things that I later regret. I deal with anger every day and always I find that escape.'

Satyendra Persaud - UG student: `I try to find the funny side of a situation. I believe that when we get angry we lose the ability to control. Ever so often, I would be in disputes because I have learned to look the other way. My personality has outgrown rage and I keep a level head.'