Ram sues Chronicle for 'libellous' letter
Stabroek News
March 20, 2004

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Managing partner of Ram and McRae Chartered Accountants, Christopher Ram is suing the Guyana National Newspapers Ltd, its Editor-in-chief, Sharief Khan and letter writer, Priya Narain for alleged libel.

In the statement of claim, Ram says the offensive statements were "falsely and maliciously" carried on page 7 in the Monday, January 26, 2004 edition of the Guyana Chronicle, printed and published by GNNL.

Ram's statement of claim further submits that as a result of the publication of the alleged defamatory statements, he has suffered considerable stress and embarrassment and his character, credit and reputation as a public accountant has been seriously injured and brought into "public scandal, odium and contempt."

In addition to the compensatory damages in excess of $5M against Narain and exemplary damages in excess of $10M against the defendants jointly and severally for libel and the defamatory publication respectively, Ram is seeking an injunction restraining the GNNL and Khan and their servants and/or agents from "...further printing, publishing or circulating of the plaintiff the said or any similar libel [and]...an injunction restraining Narain, her servants and/or her agents from further writing, printing or circulating or causing to be written, printed or circulated or otherwise publishing of the plaintiff the said or any similar libel, interests, such further or other order as may be just and costs."

Ram is represented by Senior Counsel Rex McKay and Edward Luckhoo.