PNCR tries again with death squad motion
Stabroek News
March 19, 2004

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The PNCR yesterday re-submitted its motion to the Speaker of the National Assembly requesting a debate on allegations of a state-sponsored death squad.

The PNCR's motion was disallowed at Monday's sitting, since according to the Speaker, Ralph Ramkarran, it did not qualify as a matter of urgent public interest and was submitted too late.

He said the motion was sent to him at 12:15 pm Monday for the 2 pm parliament sitting.

Speaking at his party's weekly press conference yesterday, Member of Parliament Stanley Ming said the PNCR respected the rulings of the Speaker but intends to urge him to revisit his approach to, and interpretation of, the Standing Orders of the National Assembly so as to ensure that members can give fair and proper representation to their constituents.

Ming said now that the party has fine-tuned and resubmitted the motion, it is to be hoped that the National Assembly will be convinced that the suspension of the standing orders is justified for such a grave matter. Parliament is to meet again today.