PNCR mobilises for march
Stabroek News
March 19, 2004

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The PNCR is encouraging Guyanese to support its Rule of Law march tomorrow, which it says will show the citizenry's determination to restore law and order.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, party executive Stanley Ming said without firm adherence to the rule of law, society and people's lives would be infested by anxiety and fear.

Ming said President Bharrat Jagdeo and the PPP/C had been trying to divert citizens' attention to create the impression that all was normal.

Ming contended that Jagdeo's recent decision to order action against those involved in the remigrant scam was intended to create the impression that his government was doing something about corruption.

"However, too many scams and skeletons have piled up in the PPP/C's closets over the years, for the Guyanese people to be fooled by these attempts to deceive."

He referred to a recent interview on Channel 11 where the President described the allegations against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj as a "tiny matter".

"When the president of a country can have such a flippant attitude towards an issue as the fundamental right to life of its citizens it is time for the people to act to save their country."

During an interview with NCN Television News Editor, Wilfred Cameron, Jagdeo had said that he could not spend all his time with Opposition Leader Robert Corbin in dealing with one tiny matter, referring to the death squad allegations, when there were other matters to focus on.