'Limpie' killed in Albouystown after argument
-gunman was clad in black
Stabroek News
March 15, 2004

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The Canal Number One Polder home of Courtney Dodson. (Ken Moore photo)

A man was shot dead by a gunman early yesterday morning in Albouystown, an hour after fleeing from a car that the police found a weapon in.

Courtney Dodson, 40, of Canal Number One Polder and also of Albouystown sustained two shots; one to his neck and another to his chest. His assailant up to press time was still on the run.

A release from the Police Public Relations Office yesterday said Dodson also called `Limpie' was fatally shot by a lone gunman at around 12:05 am.

The police said Dodson and two other men were standing on the road conversing when the gunman discharged two rounds from a shotgun in his direction and then ran away. However, a close relative of the man said Dodson was shot in front of a yard close to James and Barr streets while leaning against a concrete pole. Stabroek News was told that Dodson was first seen at the corner of James Street around 9:30 pm in the company of friends. He then moved further north and was later embroiled in an argument with a few men. Stabroek News was told that the argument stemmed from Dodson asking the men for monies they owed him for merchandise supplied.

The police in another release said a man was arrested in a car at James Street, Albouystown an hour before Dodson was killed. This was following the discovery of a .45 pistol and six rounds in the vehicle. The release said the police were alerted about suspicious looking persons in the motor car and while approaching the car, two occupants fled from the vehicle.

Sources told Stabroek News that Dodson was one of the two men who fled the car and ran into a yard. Stabroek News understands that from all indications the vehicle was being driven by either Dodson or the other man since the man who was arrested was found in the passenger's seat. Up to press time the vehicle's owner remained unknown. Sources say it appears that the men who argued with Dodson had tipped off police to his presence in the vehicle with the gun.

Recounting to this newspaper the early-morning incident, Dodson's relative said after the police apprehended the man in the vehicle and left, Dodson emerged from hiding and went back to James and Barr streets.

Stabroek News was told that Dodson was a frequent visitor to the yard and on most occasions he would share corn curls, sweets and drinks to the children around the neighbourhood.

While at the yard, Dodson according to his relative was seen leaning against a concrete pole and appeared to be on the lookout for someone. The relative recalled that during this period there was a power outage in the area and the entire street which is usually crowded on Saturday nights was desolate.

It was around midnight when power returned and shortly after a masked man clad in black emerged from a street. The man according to reports was wearing a black hood and when he spotted Dodson he discharged one round which caught him in his neck. With the shot Dodson attempted to run but fell on his face and the man drew over him and fired another shot in his chest.

The gunman then gathered up the spent cartridges from the rounds he fired and ran out of the street. Dodson was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

No one attempted to go after the gunman even though he was seen. Stabroek News was told that the gunman ran through YMCA Street and was picked up by a waiting car on Sussex Street.

When Stabroek News visited the scene yesterday a pool of blood was still evident at the spot where Dodson was killed. Residents described the dead man as a very kind person who loved children. His relative said he grew up in Albouystown and had a history of committing petty crimes. However, Dodson got a break and went to England and later Colombia and from then on he had stopped stealing. The relative was adamant that Dodson was not a criminal even though admitting that he did drugs and was well known for that.

Asked what might have influenced his killing, the relative said "A lot of people owe he money for drugs he sold them and I believe is somebody who owe he and can't pay kill he for that.

'Limpie' don't owe nobody for long, he would smoke he weed, drink he beers and behave bad, but that's about it, everybody in Albouystown who know would tell you," the relative declared.

Dodson, a married father of two, owns a property in Canal Number One Polder. Yesterday when Stabroek News visited the home, the windows and doors were tightly shut. Residents said Dodson was hardly ever home. His relative confirmed this, saying since his wife left for England he would usually spend most of his time in Albouystown.