Mother found dead with knife in neck
Stabroek News
March 14, 2004

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A young mother of four has been found dead in her D'Urban Street apartment with a knife through her neck.

Twenty-six-year-old Kadeeja Harris, called 'Chinee' of 84 D'Urban Street, Werk-en-Rust, was found dead in her bed by her niece.

The young woman's family said Harris had often been threatened by a man - especially when he was drunk - with whom she had had a seven-year relationship.

They said recently he had been living with another woman, though he would still visit Harris. Relatives said they last saw the man last Saturday.

According to Harris's cousin Kathy Lawrence, who lives in the adjacent apartment, she last spoke with her on Friday evening. She said Harris had mentioned that her door was not locking properly.

Relatives said Harris was normally up early in the morning and when they did not see her yesterday they began to worry.

Lawrence said at around 9 am, "I was dressing for work and call for Chinee but she didn't answer me. And I said you in there and ain't answering me. Then I hear me niece holler and she said come and see what happen to Chinee. We go in and see she lying on her belly with a knife through she neck."

Her cousin said about her former partner, "He never used to look after her and she tell him she don't want him no more. She was talking to somebody else at the time."

Harris's mother Patricia Lawrence said: "When he drunk he used to threaten her. And we used to ask he if he could do anything. He used to visit her but because of his attitude her grandmother said she don't want him around. He would give her money and then ask her back for it."

Harris's four children are seven-year-old Kathy-Ann, six-year-old Tricia, five-year- old Tandika, and four-year- old Travis. Relatives said they would look after them.

When Stabroek News went to the scene yesterday police were taking statements. The police public relations officer could not be contacted for a comment.