Skeleton found at Bare Root
-family of kidnapped taxi driver informed
Stabroek News
March 13, 2004

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The skeletal remains of an unidentified man with a bullet hole in the skull was found yesterday morning in a cane field at Bare Root, Bachelors Adventure on the East Coast of Demerara.

Police say they are investigating the discovery of the skeleton, which is suspected to be that of taxi-driver Vivekanand Nandalall, who was kidnapped almost six months go. The locks of hair that were found on the skull were the only identifiable traits and helped to determine the man's ethnicity.

Medical examinations will be performed on the remains on Monday and Nandalall's family has been invited to observe.

According to the police, a Guysuco field supervisor found the skeleton at about 8:30 am yesterday, about a mile and a half south of the Bachelors Adventure squatting area. They said what appeared to be a bullet hole was evident on the left side of the skull.

The skeleton was found in a cane field which was burnt and harvested about one month ago and this is thought to have destroyed any clothing the man was wearing.

While no mention was made of Nandalall, his family was informed of the find not too long after the remains were discovered.

Bare Root was one of the areas searched by both the police and by relatives of Nandalall, who was kidnapped after he went to make a pick up in Bachelors Adventure in October.

His car, PGG 3846, was found abandoned on the Annandale railway embankment road and his family later found out that he was being held in the Buxton backdam. They paid his kidnappers a $1M ransom for his release but he was never found, despite continued pleas by his family.

Sabita Nandalall, the mother of the kidnapped man, said this is the closest her family has come to any confirmation about the fate of her son, who would have turned 21 next week.

Relatives viewed the remains at the Enmore police outpost but were unable to identify any distinguishing feature on the charred skeleton.

"I still can't believe it is him... we always have believed that he is alive" said Nandalall's mother, who says the family is still trying to get any information about her son, whose photographs plaster the wall of his home in Non Pariel.

Albert `Donny' Andrews, Roger `Don Dick' Bunbary, Royston Peter, Rondell `Fineman' Rollins and the now dead Marvin Archer or Marvin Peters aka `Skittle' were the men suspected by police of being involved in the kidnapping.