Forced to vote at gunpoint Wednesday Ramblings

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March 10, 2004

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This from a Maryland newspaper on voting in the United States, Super Tuesday elections:

"Indera Coggins flinches when approached by a reporter outside a polling station.

Asked the most mundane of questions about the primary election - "What brought you out to vote today?" - she stares back in silence, obviously worried, then looks to her companion for guidance.

"It's OK to answer," he says.

"I am just happy to be voting. This is a great privilege," she says softly.

Slowly, she explains that this is only her second time voting in an American election.

An immigrant from British Guyana, Coggins related how she was physically forced to vote along dictated lines in that South American country. On election day, two trucks would arrive at her door and four men, wielding guns, would escort her to the polls and tell Coggins, a member of the prime minister's staff, who to vote for.

"I am happy to be in a place where you choose how to vote and where one person's vote can make a difference," she said."


Explosive message

And while on the theme of former Prime Ministers we must commend Mayor Green for his eloquent letter on Cecil Rhodes. At least for the hidden message contained in the quote by Emile Zola. Now let's substitute garbage for truth:

"If you shut up garbage and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way."

Of course, donor countries must contribute to urgent work on the Mandela Landfill.

Elegant Anagrams

The WR Linguistics Department has devised a new project which may provide useful insights. Readers are welcome to make their own contributions:

Words you can make from Fredrick Kissoon:

fiend, derision, necrosis, orifice, coroner, sicken, drone, snick, snook, snore, dick and fink

Words you can make from Chandra Narine Sharma:

arsine sandman, insane innards, manic inane crash radish, acrid cashier, media harem, nadir amen, rice rear, mad sad herdsman

Words you can make from Minister Clement Rohee

incoherent nettlesome cistern, hostile testicle, ostrich clone, trench lecher, erect cement, leech, lemon clot, thorn retch, heel, hole, leer mole rot

Words you can make from Minister Ronald Gajraj

magisterial resignation, asinine ringmaster, inertial oatmeal, girdle ramrod, mignon giant, saint riot, admit and resign

Words you can make from Mayor Hamilton Green

margarine theologian, migratory horntail, leathery granola, gremlin hangman, oratory remnant, horny toenail, atone, inane hyena, lying moron thong, loon ogre, yogi armhole and moony

Words you can make from Attorney Khemraj Ramjattan

momentary tarantara, errant earthman, throaty manatee, heaty hornet, ornery martyr, horny hyena, rajah karma, honky toy, moany monk and near yank ear