Way clear for Cel*Star interconnection
-consumer group to GT&T
Stabroek News
March 9, 2004

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The Guyana Consumers Association (GCA) and the Consumers Advisory Bureau (CAB) say the way is now clear for GT&T to honour its interconnection agreement with Cel*Star, given that a Florida challenge over ownership has been dismissed.

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) had told the GCA and the CAB that it could not effect the agreement because it was awaiting a resolution of the court cases, one in Florida and one in the Cayman Islands.

On February 20, a Florida court dismissed the legal action taken by Cel*Star Caribbean challenging the legality of the ownership of Cel*Star Guyana and the authority of director Wesley Kirton to sell shares in the firm.

The Florida court said the courts in Guyana were the appropriate fora for deciding on the matter.

"The case has now been disposed of," said the GCA and CAB in a letter to GT&T this week, "leaving the decks clear for you to honour your interconnection agreement."