Region Three meeting called off after death squad query
Stabroek News
March 5, 2004

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The statutory meeting of the Region Three Democratic Council was aborted yesterday after Regional Chairman, Esau Dookie reportedly refused to entertain a motion to suspend the standing orders to allow a citizen to raise the issue of the death squad allegation.

According to a release from the PNCR, after the adjournment of the meeting the PPP/C councillors convened a meeting in the chairman's office during which time Dookie sent a message to the opposition councillors informing them that the day's proceedings had been aborted to be reconvened at some other date to be determined.

The PNCR release noted that when approached, Dookie refused to reconvene the meeting to formally announce an adjournment to another date.

Dookie could not be reached for a comment yesterday despite several calls to his office.

The PNCR is concerned over this development since on previous occasions members of the public at the instigation of the PPP/C were entertained by the Regional Democratic Council to raise matters said to be of urgent public importance.

The party is also concerned that Dookie's actions were influenced by the simultaneous energetic picket mounted by citizens calling for investigations into the death squad allegations and what it says is corruption in the Region Three administration.