Caesar stonewalling me
-complains father of beaten pupil
Stabroek News
March 4, 2004

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Dr Anwar Hussain, whose son was allegedly beaten 23 times by his class teacher in three months, says Ministry of Education officials are ignoring his complaints.

In a letter to Chief Education Officer, Ed Caesar, Dr Hussain points out that it has been several weeks since he has written complaining about the treatment of his six-year-old son, Anwar, who is a pupil of the St Margaret's Primary School on Camp Street.

He states that Caesar has neither acknowledged his complaints nor responded to them. He adds that Caesar has publicly claimed to have launched an investigation.

He adds that his son has been traumatised as a result of the treatment and he has a medical report from Psychiatrist Dr Frank Beckles confirming this.

The letter also details several forms of alleged victimisation following the disclosure of the beatings.

Stabroek News has also failed in several attempts to contact Caesar on this matter.