Death squad killings
Taxi driver had begged for his life -reports

Stabroek News
March 1, 2004

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Sherwin Manohar's last hours were spent pressed to the floor of a car begging suspected members of a death squad to spare his life, reports say.

But while facts are known about how he died, why he was killed remains a mystery.

He was forced into a car by two men who claimed they were policemen, one day after he was visited by suspected death squad member, Axel Williams, who has been linked to a similar abduction three months earlier.

The next day his body was found on the University of Guyana access road. His body bore gunshot wounds and there were also multiple punctures across his back, which were believed to be stab wounds.

Manohar, 24, of Walker Terrace, North-East La Penitence, was a taxi-driver at the time and there was no clear motive for the killing. There was speculation that he may have had ties to criminals as his death was much like other executions, where criminals and people with whom they had contact, were targeted.

In the wake of the recent disclosures made by George Bacchus, a man who said he once used his money to locate criminals for a gang tasked with eliminating them at the height of the crime wave, new information has emerged about the last hours of Sherwin Manohar.

On the night he was abducted, June 15, 2003, Manohar was at Middle Road, La Penitence, where he was house-sitting for one of his girlfriends.

His family was told that it was about 10:30 pm when he received a visit from a friend. He was only partly dressed at the time but nevertheless went outside where he met the man on the road.

A white car, the one that is believed to have been used when Lloyd Bourne was abducted and killed almost three months earlier, approached the front of the house where the men stood. A man got out and ordered Manohar to get in. But Manohar asked why and the man identified himself as a police officer and was joined by another man who was in the vehicle and he also ordered Manohar into the car, despite requests that he be allowed to dress. Before he could do anything else he was forced into the back seat of the car, which sped away.

It was thought that this was the last time that he was seen until the discovery of his body the next morning.

Now, some people who believe that they could be killed for what they know say that Manohar was the man who was seen lying on the floor of a white car that was seen not too long after the abduction.

One of the men from the car stopped to buy a drink and in the rear compartment, a man was seen lying on the floor, pressed under the legs of the passenger who remained in the vehicle. He could be heard begging for his life in between sobs as he tried to convince his captors that he knew nothing, before the car sped off.

At 6:45 am on Friday, August 15, Manohar's body was found on the access road at Cummings Lodge, where evidence suggests he was shot. Gunshots were heard by residents some time before 11 pm and police recovered a bullet at the scene.

It is still unknown why Manohar was killed, although some said that he had taxied some wanted criminals. Williams' involvement in the killing cannot be confirmed although he has been identified as the man responsible for several high-profile executions. He was also identified by witnesses as one of the men seen in the car that was used in the abduction of Bourne. Bourne is believed to have been killed because he knew too much about the activities of the gang, including the place where the bodies of some torture victims were dumped.

On the night before Manohar was killed, sources say Williams had visited Manohar's house at Walker Terrace in a vehicle very similar to the one he was driving at the time of his own death last December.

He parked the vehicle in the entranceway, its bright lights beaming at the house, before he and another man came out. They stood at the gateway staring at the house for a short while and then left.