Buxtonian held in raid charged with murdering cop, other man

Stabroek News
March 1, 2004

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Buxtonian Trayon Summer was on Thursday charged for last year's murder of policeman Walton Brummel who was killed while passing through Buxton in a minibus.

The police also slapped another murder charge on him: the killing of Bryan Odinga in Buxton in January of this year.

Summer who is nursing a broken left leg appeared before Magistrate Brassington Reynolds last Thursday at the Vigilance Magistrate's Court and was remanded. He will return to court sometime this week.

Brummel was murdered on the night of February 22, 2003 when two gunmen held up a minibus at Company Road, Buxton. They proceeded to kill Brummel who had resisted them and they also murdered the conductor of the minibus. Summer was not charged for the conductor's murder. A third man, Biko Edwards of Buxton, was seriously injured during the shooting. Edwards was said to have been one of the gunmen.

With respect to Odinga, police found his bullet-riddled body in a clump of bushes on the Buxton Railway Embankment on January 9. Stabroek News was told then that Odinga and Errol Adams, a resident of the village, were riding in the area at the time when they were attacked.

Adams who had made a report to the Vigilance Police Station had said he was the pillion rider on the bike ridden by Odinga.

He said when they approached the embankment a group of men with sticks and guns attacked them. Adams reported that he escaped but Odinga felt the full force of the gang's assault and was killed.

Summer, who was shot during a police raid in his village in January, was discharged last week Tuesday from the Georgetown Public Hospital after spending about three weeks there.

His main concern up until then was whether he would be charged for Brummel's murder and he was fearful of being placed in the lock-ups because his broken leg was still in a cast.

Despite this, when he was discharged on Tuesday the police immediately escorted him to the Cove and John lock-ups where he stayed until he was charged.

Yesterday a relative of the wounded murder suspect told Stabroek News that Summer was very uncomfortable in the lock-ups because of his condition. The relative said Summer has already vomited twice in the cell and was complaining of pains.

"The place they get him is very small, nasty and he can hardly move around. The boy is in pain and instead of them put him somewhere more comfortable they have he in that lock-up."

The police said the 23-year-old Summer had eluded capture for a long time until they shot him and arrested him and eight others during an early morning operation at the back of the village.