Logging company brings light to hinterland communities
Stabroek News
February 29, 2004

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The Medical Clinic and teacher's home at Assakata Village which now receive electricity.

Santa Rosa Primary School and the communities of Kamwatta and Assakata are now benefiting from electricity, thanks to Variety Woods and Greenheart Ltd (VWL).

The company handed over three Lister Diesel generator sets to the communities recently.

Kamwatta is a neighbouring community of Santa Rosa, while Assakata is a small riverain community located along the Waini River. They are all in the Moruca sub-district, Region One (Barima Waini).

The generators will provide power to schools, churches, health centres and teachers' homes. VWL workers from these communities had requested the generators, which were acquired from the company's suppliers in the United Kingdom. VWL provided the parts for the plants, wiring of the buildings and transportation.

The communities played an active role in the production and installation of the line distribution poles along with VWL's technicians. Village committees were given the responsibility to manage and operate these generators.
Villagers at Kamwatta after the handing over of the Lister generator.

Monty Niamatali managing director of VWL stressed the importance of electricity to promote religious activities and moral upliftment that are important to improved community life.

He added that VWL would continue its association with the community from which his company's workforce is drawn.

VWL, on behalf of former students of schools in the sub-district, also presented awards of appreciation to teachers Victor Ferreira, Carl Rodrigues and Timothy Mendonca for their outstanding contributions to education.

The logging company also organizes medical outreach programmes to hinterland communities.

Recently a complement of medical supplies was presented to these communities by VWL to address the common cold, coughs and anaemic conditions of children.