Dead courier's mother gets death threats
Stabroek News
February 29, 2004

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The mother of a man who was believed to have been killed by suspected members of a hit squad says she has received death threats.

But Pam Fletcher does not think that the threats on her life are directly connected to her son, Lloyd Bourne. Rather, she feels, they are the result of the demonstrations in which she has participated to protest his and other unsolved killings.

Bourne, before his death was believed to have been used by the gang to courier money and other items to wanted fugitive Mark Anthony Phillips, sources unwilling to go to police say. It is suspected that he was killed after he learnt too much about the gang, including the location where the bodies of some of the victims were stored after they were killed.

Fletcher told Stabroek News yesterday that at about 9.30 pm on Friday, she answered the phone and an unidentified male caller asked whether she was Fletcher, which she confirmed.

"`We hear you talking out a lot...'" the caller said before he proceeded to use a series of expletives while telling her that she would be killed if she continued to talk. The person called again later and repeated the threat.

Fletcher made a report to the East La Penitence Police Station yesterday afternoon. She was more angry than distraught about the incident when she spoke with Stabroek News.

"I'm not scared of nothing. Nothing is going to stop me. I don't care what happens.... I have already lived my life. I've made up my mind for anything, let them come and touch me," she said.

Fletcher joined in demonstrations to lobby for an independent investigation into the unexplained killings that have been attributed to a gang that was formed to assassinate wanted criminals.