Union in talks ahead of state media merger
Stabroek News
February 29, 2004

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The Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU) is optimistic it can finalise a new Collective Labour Agreement with the management of the new state broadcasting entity.

"We have up to six months, but expect to tie up a number of issues before this," CCWU General Secretary, Grantley Culbard told Stabroek News. The new entity, National Communication Network (NCN) Inc comes into being tomorrow and two directors have already been appointed: Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President, Jennifer Webster and current Chairman of the outgoing GBC board and its one-time general manager, Desmond Mohamed as executive director.

Culbard said the union has the scope to immediately address any difficulties that may arise during the six-month temporary employment period. This is as a result of the union retaining its recognition agreement with the workers which will allow it to continue to negotiate on their behalf. This guarantee was given following concerns about the tenure of workers being exploited during the six-month temporary period.

Employees to be severed from the two entities could receive up to a maximum of 65 weeks pay apart from an ex-grata payment of between 10% and 15% of their total pay out depending on their years of service.

Meanwhile, according to a Government Information Agency release, all assets and liabilities of the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation and the Guyana Television Broadcasting Company Ltd will be taken over by NCN Inc. Therefore any outstanding sums owed to and by those entities will be handled by NCN Inc. Telephone numbers for the two entities will remain the same.