Health Ministry gets US$300,000 in supplies from U.S. Dept of Defence
Stabroek News
February 25, 2004

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The Ministry of Health last Friday received two 40-foot shipping containers of U.S. medical supplies and equipment valued at US$300,000 from the U.S. Embassy's Military Liaison Officer Major Kip Chojnacki at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The package includes heart monitors, blankets and other supplies, a U.S. Embassy press release stated yesterday. The supplies will be distributed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and clinics under the aegis of the Ministry of Health.

Chief Executive Officer at the Georgetown Hospital Michael Khan will oversee the distribution.

The donation of medical supplies and equipment is funded through the United States Southern Command's Humanitarian Assistance Program, the release noted. It is coordinated through the U.S. Embassy and is one part of an integrated approach by the United States Government to assist the Government of Guyana to provide health care here.

Other completed or proposed programmes include the Medical Readiness Exercise at the Georgetown Hospital last July, a Fire Department orientation visit to Houston, Texas in March, and a medical-readiness training exercise planned for June this year. Additionally, the release said, USAID is involved in the provision of assistance to combat HIV/AIDS while Peace Corps volunteers are involved in health education projects throughout Guyana.