Taekwondo athletes perform creditably
Stabroek News
February 20, 2004

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Two Canada-based Guyanese Taekwondo athletes David Rajjab and Veronica De Santos performed creditably in Mexico recently at the Pan American trials for the Athens Olympics according to a release from the Guyana Taekwondo Association. Rajjab eventually lost to a Cuban athlete and was reportedly winning the encounter up until the last 15 seconds.

The Guyanese who had problems making the 68kg weight class and had to `dehydrate' for two days, apparently did not have enough energy to compete when it mattered the most.

The other athlete De Santos lost to a Venezuelan. The third Guyanese athlete Basir Rajjab did not compete as a result of falling ill with cold and flu.

All the Guyanese athletes have been invited to compete as well as train in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.