Saint's student knifed to death by bandit
Stabroek News
February 16, 2004

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A sixth form student of St Stanislaus was knifed to death on Saturday night by one of two bandits who confronted him and two young women on Abary Road, Bel Air and demanded cash and jewellery.

Eighteen-year-old Trevor Julius Fung Jr of Lodge Housing Scheme was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after sustaining several wounds.

His mother, Devi Fung, said that she saw wounds on his hand, chest and abdomen.

The grieving woman told Stabroek News yesterday morning that her son had left home at around 5 pm on Saturday and had stated he was on his way to the Zoological Park, where he is a volunteer, after which he would have attended a party in Bel Air.

She said he had taken her cellular phone and at around 11 pm after he did not return home she dialled the number but it rang out.

Shortly after her call, a friend of the young man called and reported that bandits had stabbed him and that he was taken to the hospital.

The woman said she and her husband rushed down to the hospital and she found her son lying on a stretcher in the Accident & Emergency Unit and it was only on inspection she realised that he was not breathing. "Only then I realised my son gone," the woman said in tears.

The family said reports reaching them said that Fung and two female companions had left the party and had gone to a fast food restaurant located a short distance from where the party was being kept. It was while they were returning two men on a scooter approached them and demanded their money and jewellery.

The boy's mother said she was informed that her son told the men he had nothing and one of the men attacked him.

The two females fled but one of them was caught by the other bandit and robbed and the two made their escape on the motor scooter. The girls then raised an alarm at the party and the wounded boy was taken to the hospital.

A release from the police said that Fung and a female companion were walking along the Bel Air road around 10.30 when two men who demanded cash and jewellery approached them.

According to the release Fung declared he had nothing to hand over and a scuffle ensued between Fung and one of the men during which the bandit stabbed the youth in his chest and hand. The release said that the female fled up the road but the bandits caught up with her and robbed her of a cellular phone, a black handbag and $3,000.

Fung's mother reminisced that she and her children had exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day and now her son was no more.

His father also recalled that when his son was leaving he noticed he was wearing a black pants and a blue jersey and asked him why he was not wearing a red jersey for Valentine's Day. "He told me he had no time with Valentine's, but the next time I see him his jersey was red with blood and it turn out he really had time with the day..." the man lamented.

Fung was a science student at his school and had hopes of attending the University of Guyana come September. His mother picked up the form the boy was to fill and return to the institution and looked at it with tears in her eyes, saying that all her son's dreams were gone.

He had written the CXC exams at the St Roses Secondary School and then moved to St Stanislaus to pursue his A Levels.

The boy was a member of the Transport Cricket Club and had dreamt of one day making the West Indies team.

"Now all his dreams are gone, shattered just like that..." the woman said.

His father described him as being very ambitious, athletic, courteous, and strong.

His mother recalled that just before he wrote the Common Entrance Examina-tion at the West Ruimveldt Primary School he was involved in an accident that fractured his skull yet he wrote the examination and did well. "That proved he was a fighter. I never had problems with him and his school work, he always studies," the woman said.

Trevor also leaves to mourn his siblings, Jason, Joel and Julian.