Police must act to restore their reputation -PNCR
Stabroek News
February 15, 2004

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The PNCR yesterday called on the Guyana Police Force to act professionally and begin the process of restoring their "tarnished reputation".

The party's statement at its press conferenceThursday, said that the continuing revelations about the "complicity of some senior officers of the Police Force ... in the arming of Axel Williams and the duplicity of agents of the PPP/C in protecting him from the consequences of the alleged...murder of a poor food vendor," has added to the stench. The statement said that this incident alone should have been enough for an investigation to be launched.

The party also suggested that a witness protection programme be put in place to get to the bottom of the recent murder spree and other human rights breaches.

The PNCR said too that the persistent criminal attacks on passengers in minibuses and other citizens in Buxton continue to concern the PNCR. "The Buxton situation only confirms the party's oft-stated position that the crime situation in Guyana can only be solved by a comprehensive policy that seeks to overcome joblessness, hopelessness, organised crime and other core issues," the party said .

The PNCR said it is heartening to note that the "venerable and indefatigable Eusi Kwayana has added his voice to those demanding a proper resolution to the Gajraj accusation scandal.