Guyana's problems raised with international agencies during Corbin's US visit
Stabroek News
February 14, 2004

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Leader of the PNCR Robert Corbin and a team held discussions on Guyana with officials of international financing agencies and US government officials during a visit to the US last week.

According to a party statement issued on Thursday, Corbin met senior officials of the World Bank last week Thursday, while PNCR members Stanley Ming and Deborah Backer met officials of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) last week Friday. According to the party, discussions at these meetings focused on the programmes being funded by these agencies in Guyana. The party said that the team also met officials from the State Department where matters on Guyana were discussed.

The United States Congress invited Corbin to participate in the fifty-second Annual National Prayer Breakfast with the United States President, Vice President, Congress, Senate and Judiciary on Thursday at the Washington Hilton.

During a three-day programme, which commenced on February 3, several private and group sessions were organised to facilitate the exchange of ideas among participants. According to the PNCR, Corbin participated in several of these discussions during which he explained Guyana's situation and invited the world community to pray for the country.

During the visit, the PNCR leader also took the opportunity to address several meetings with sections of the Guyanese Diaspora. Ming spoke on Guyana's economic situation while Corbin spoke on the political climate. Resolutions unanimously passed at one of the meetings called on the Guyana government to initiate an impartial and independent inquiry into the current death squad allegations, with participation from reputable international organisations.

Corbin returned to Guyana on Tuesday.