Cel*Star selects component provider
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February 11, 2004

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Cel*Star Guyana Inc has selected a United States-based international vendor as its equipment provider.

LeadCom Integrated Solutions, recognised as an international leader in the provision, management and implementation of turnkey solutions for telecom vendors, operators and enterprises will supply Cel*Star's equipment for the implementation of its network, a press release yesterday said.

According to the release, LeadCom which is currently active in 22 countries and includes 12 subsidiaries worldwide has Nortel, LME (Ericsson) and Nokia and other internationally-recognised companies in the telecommunications sector among its suppliers.

As Cel*Star's turnkey provider LeadCom will be responsible for integrating all the network components as well as the operation support system for Cel*Star, key elements in the construction and operation of a telephone service provider.

According to the release a schedule for installation, training and implementation is currently being finalised between Cel*Star's parent company, Trans-World Tele-com and LeadCom.

In phase one, Cel*Star's network will cover some 86% of the country's population ranging from Corriverton on the Corentyne coast in Berbice to Parika on the East Bank Essequibo and the mining town of Linden, the company's release further said.

Cel*Star is hoping to launch its services approximately two months after the completion of physical interconnection with GT&T.

Cel*Star recently accused the monopoly telephone company of not honouring its contractual obligations in undertaking interconnection and vowed to do everything in its power to ensure these tasks are performed.

GT&T in its defence has pointed to an ongoing court matter involving Cel*Star Guyana Inc and Cel*Star Caribbean Inc, which could have a bearing on the validity of the interconnection agreement. It is on this basis that lawyers for GT&T advised the telephone company to cease interconnection activities until the determination of the legal issue.

However Cel*Star said it disputes GT&T's right to interrupt interconnection work while expressing confidence that implementation efforts required by GT&T under the agreement will resume shortly.