Many teachers short changed by absence of teaching service body
- Guyana Teachers' Union
Stabroek News
February 11, 2004

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The Guyana Teachers' Union (GTU) says that many teachers who were eligible for promotion two years ago in the absence of the Teaching Service Commission, would be retiring this year, and suggests that those disenfranchised teachers should receive some form of compensation.

The absence of the TSC over the past two years had "caused many teachers to be short changed," and the union now hopes that "no effort would be spared by the Commission to ensure that appointments are made to vacancies in all schools by the 1st of September, 2004," a release from the union stated.

And congratulating the newly-appointed members of the TSC, the union said it was certain that every effort would be made to uphold the high and transparent standards of the Commission in dealing with appointments and disciplinary matters.