'Skittle' was no criminal - family
Stabroek News
February 10, 2004

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Family members of Mervin 'Skittle' Archer, who was killed by a lone gunman on Saturday night at Haslington, maintain he was not a criminal.

Stabroek News' report in yesterday's newspaper was based upon information supplied by sources in Buxton and police contacts. Archer was alleged to have connections with countless minibus robberies in Buxton, the murder of a Chinese restaurant owner and the robbery of Michael Rooplall's grocery in Cove and John.

However, his relatives yesterday claimed he was not part of any of those activities. They said while he had problems with some of his fellow villagers he was a quiet person. Archer moved out from Buxton three months ago following threats made against him.

The family also says Archer was never an employee of Myrna's Diner located on the Haslington Public Road as was reported yesterday. This information was provided by Archer's girlfriend, Jennel Dunn who told this newspaper that the 25-year-old worked as a labourer on one of the business's trucks.

The proprietress of the business place said the young man never worked there. She said he was a close friend to many young men in the area, but was not associated with the bar. Stabroek News apologises for the error.