Newspapers should refuse to print letters which support death squad
- Khan
Stabroek News
February 7, 2004

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The PNCR says letters to newspapers which support the activities of death squads are illegal and should not be encouraged.

The party's statement came in the wake of allegations levelled against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj linking him to a death squad about which there have been countless letters in the media. Some of the letters support the existence of a death squad and have lauded the squad for being able to eliminate some of the five prisoners who broke free from the Georgetown Prison on February 23, 2002.

These men had presided over a reign of terror which engulfed the country. Numerous murders were recorded including those of over 20 policemen. However, after a while a number of bodies of young men began to show up around the country. Some of these men were reportedly abducted before they were killed.

Speaking at the party's weekly press conference on Thursday, Member of Parliament (MP), Jerome Khan said his party condemned such letters in the newspapers, especially given the serious nature of the allegations.

Khan told the media his party had observed several letters appearing in the daily newspapers over the past weeks that are open in their support for and encouragement of, murders and kidnappings committed by death squads. "Our laws are unambiguous on this matter," Khan said noting that public statements or actions that openly condone or encourage criminals and criminal acts are unlawful and punishable."

"The PNCR calls on all media houses and others to cease forthwith, this highly dangerous and unlawful activity. Such letters have no place in the public domain," Khan said. He added that the PNCR at its General Council meeting last Saturday had made wide-ranging decisions on its strategy for the coming weeks. He said the party remained resolute in its crusade to stop the emergence of state terrorism in society. He reminded that the PNCR has called for a full and independent investigation into the wide array of evidence that confirms the existence and activities of death squads.