New school for teen dropouts
Stabroek News
February 5, 2004

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A vocational school called the Mercy Wings Health Club was yesterday launched under the motto "to enhance and entertain".

Acting Minister of Health, Dr Jennifer Westford was on hand at the ceremony and advised the youths, "At your age you should be thinking about abstinence and becoming involved in other activities to occupy your time, such as reading. We want you to be mentally healthy and look at the future."

A Government Informa-tion Agency press release reports that the co-ordinator of Mercy Wings, Paula Bess gave an overview of the vocational school that assists school dropouts. "These students are continuing their skills training, anticipating graduation in December 2004.

They are studying General Construction, Child Care Management and Care for the Elderly, or Catering and Home Management."

Students are exposed to topics including Basic Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Adolescent Development and field trips, to encourage additional learning.

Funding comes from the Sisters of Mercy, and additional funding was provided by a number of fundraising activities held during the past year.

Members of the club enacted several skits that carried messages on HIV/AIDS.