Waste War I to fire first volley shortly
Stabroek News
February 3, 2004

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US$149,861 is to be spent on informing the public of their rights and responsibilities with regard to solid waste management.

The Government of Guyana and Guyenterprise signed an agreement to effect this at City Hall last Tuesday. The project, called 'Waste War 1', specifically targets Lodge and Regent street and should begin as early as next week. It is expected to last for 24 months.

The project will be executed in eight phases, the first of which will look at methods attempted in solid waste management and consider those that work.

Communications Consultant, Dr Rovin Deodat, said there are plans to have a demonstration caravan that portrays a family living through the hazards and possibilities of good solid waste management. The campaign aims to change long-term attitudes and behaviour to solid waste management, so children will be co-opted early in the project. One method of approaching this includes the use colouring books that will be distributed to help young children learn how to dispose of garbage properly, as well as tell the difference between a dumpsite and a landfill.

Recycling is included in the project and ways that trash can be turned into cash will be examined. There will be programmes on television and radio because it is thought that a lack of understanding of issues leads to callous and sometimes biased reporting. It is therefore intended that the media be involved both formally and informally. Additionally, a media seminar is planned to be held in a month.

Deodat said this is a pilot project that is necessary and urgently needed in Georgetown. He said it "has the possibility of use by Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) and municipalities €¦"

He said the project would centrally involve the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and all the other aspects of local government and residents in the pilot area.

Seminars will be held with the M&CC to get them on board. Further the programme would be incorporated into that of the M&CC so it does not take over the public relations work of the council.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Gover-nment and Regional Develop-ment, Phillip Hamilton, noted that effective solid waste management has been eluding the government.

Deodat and Al Fenty will assist Paloma Mohamed, who designed the programme.