Council orders halt to work on Mohamed's fire-ravaged building What the people say about...
By Iana Seales
Stabroek News
February 2, 2004

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Rudolph Wilson - retired soldier: 'The police are aware of what is going on and they also know the implications of an investigation. An investigation should be launched because this thing is not going to go away. I believe that sooner or later everything will come out despite their stalling of an inquiry of any sort. I feel that there is some truth to what was said by George Bacchus and as such there is a need for probing. I also believe that there are others out there who know what has happened but unlike Bacchus they are afraid to come forward.'

Gladys - private sector employee: 'The British and Canadians here have acknowledged that the allegations are of a serious nature and if they can say so then what are the police waiting for? Something ought to be done; it is the only way we will know what has been taking place under wraps all that time. I feel that the police had enough information to go on. The reason I would say so is because if they can charge those three men for Bacchus' brother's death then they have something to go on. The men are before the courts so where is the investigation? Bacchus has said enough.'

Delon James - private sector employee: 'I believe that things will be covered up if an investigation is launched. Something tells me that we are not going to hear what everyone is expecting to hear should an investigation be launched. The real question is should we attempt to launch an investigation when the outcome is clear? I feel that this Bacchus guy needs witnesses to back his stories. Looking at things from his point of view he could be out for vengeance and nothing more.'

Zika Samuels Williams - teacher: 'How do we know when an allegation is true or false? An investigation will look into such queries. What this country needs is a restoration of its good name and if an investigation will help in that area then let's go down that road. I feel that the police have enough to go on and should not wait for George Bacchus to come forward. He came forward and said what had to be said. Why call on him a second time? If he comes forward then protective measures need to be put in place for him.'

Carl Cottam - video editor: 'An investigation should be launched with or without any formal statement from Bacchus. Taking everything into consideration I think that there is enough evidence to proceed. The police had more than enough time to get a statement from Bacchus. Why call on him now? In other countries the authorities would have already been on this case and results would have been forthcoming.'

A. Sawh - housewife: 'Now that things are out in the open something should be done. Whether it is an investigation or an independent inquiry a step should be taken. The police have things to go on and my question is why wait? They do not need Bacchus to come forward and give a formal statement. He already did.'

E. Gill - private sector employee: 'We can ill-afford more chaos in the country and from all indications the police cannot afford an investigation. I feel that if an inquiry is launched more people might be implicated in this whole thing. There is really no other way for us to get to the bottom of things if the investigation is not launched. Whatever information the police might have gathered from Bacchus should be enough for them to launch an inquiry.'

Miss Holder - public sector employee: 'I do not feel that an investigation might be successful; the signs are just not there. How can we be convinced that George Bacchus is telling the truth, there is really no proof. There is a possibility he may have information but where is the real evidence. The situation in the country at present is so confusing that an investigation might not help. It may not be the answer. That is what I feel.'

Michael Braam - self-employed: 'I see no need for an investigation. The allegations raised are not enough to substantiate any claims. Where is the real evidence, where is the truth in all the ramblings? I feel that people just want to rebel at something and they have found a home in all this. George Bacchus may be his brother's keeper but that is all there is to it. An investigation may cause more trouble and we cannot afford that at this time.'

Tynesha John - student: 'I think it would be interesting to see what comes out of the story. There is a possibility that nothing will come out of it. Bacchus should come forward and give the formal statement if that is what is needed before an investigation is launched. I feel that if he could give evidence in the matter with his brother then he could very well and give evidence in this matter.'