PPP insists 'informant' must make formal report to police
Stabroek News
January 30, 2004

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The ruling People's Progres-sive Party (PPP) has joined President Bharrat Jagdeo in calling on self-proclaimed informant George Bacchus to make a formal statement to the police on his death squad allegations.

The PPP described the police as "the only lawful authority authorised to conduct criminal investigations."

At a press conference yesterday, Donald Ramotar, the PPP general secretary called on PNCR Leader Robert Corbin to cooperate with the police and provide the intelligence or information he has about the allegations made against Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj. "The time has come for the Mr Corbin and the PNCR to put up or shut up!"

Ramotar insisted that only on the basis of a formal statement to the police can an investigation be launched and he was confident that the leadership of the Police Force could carry out an independent inquiry and provide protection to those who need it. He asserted too that the force also has a lot of autonomy and there is no need for Gajraj to resign for the probe to move ahead.

Ramotar also referred to the Hutton inquiry in the UK, pointing out that the British Prime Minister Tony Blair did not resign while the inquiry was conducted. He stressed too that he could not understand why the PNCR would want to bypass the institution set up for such a purpose.

Asked to comment on Corbin's statement that the revocation of Gajraj's Cana-dian visa was an act of solidarity with the PNCR, Ramotar said the Canadian High Commission had made no official statement on the issue and he preferred to await its response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ramotar said too "the PNCR seems least interested in any investigation" and "only wants to lynch Gajraj", pointing out that instead of supporting the formal process necessary for a transparent investigation, Corbin launch-ed an attack on the Commis-sioner of Police. "Mr Corbin could not be serious about any investigation.

"Guyanese are seeing through their political gimmicks of petitioning, picketing and walking out of Parliament and that is why the PNCR picket lines have attracted a small number of people."